Diamond Drawing Dies

Natural Diamond Dies
(ND Dies)
  • Diamond Dies

  • Compax Shaving Dies For Copper Wire

Polycrystalline Diamond Dies
(PD/PCD Dies)
  • Dia Polycrystalline Diamond Shaving Dies

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Nipples

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Dressers

  • Polycrystalline Diamond Cutting Tools

Alloy Drawing Dies

  • W Type  Drawing Dies For Round Wire and Bar

  • SQ Type  Drawing Dies For Square Wire and Bar

  • HAX Type  Drawing Dies For Hexagon Wire

  • RA Type  Drawing Dies For Rectangular Wire and Bar

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Special Forming Dies

  • Automobile Parts 

  • Industrial Machinery Parts 

  • Electrical Parts 

  • Instrumental Parts 

  • Hot Extrusion Dies 

  • Floating Dies For Enameled Wire 

  • Wire Peeling or Shaving Dies For Alumunium 

  • Stainless Steel and High Speed Steel

  • Impact Dies

  • Vanishing Dies

  • Coated Grade Special Drawing Dies (Tic, Boron)

  • Tripple Dies For Wire Drawing (Dry Type)

  • Forced Lubrication Dies For Wire Drawing (Wet Type)

Special Tools

In other to fulfil customers needs, we also produce machines and special tools which are made from steel and tungsten carbide

Special Purpose Machine

Design, Engineering, Maintenance, Repair